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Paper Bag Making Machine
Paper bag making machine
Paper Bag Making Machine

Paper bag making machine is designed to manufacture flat and satchel paper bags from kraft paper, greaseproof, white paper and poster paper etc. in different size for packing confectionery, food stuff, ready-made garments, tobacco, tea powder grocery, dry cleaners etc.

general feature :

paper bag making machine is made of rigid and robust construction to avoid vibration. all paper are arranged in most accessible way thus making operation and adjustment very simple and quick so that even an unskilled labour can easily operate the machine successfully. the change of size is very easy and can be done in a few minutes time. the machine is supplied with one size plate and one size gears to manufacture one size of paper bag. different size plates & size gears for flat and satchel bags are available at an extra cost. mill reels up to 34” dia and 34” width can be accommodated of the machine. the width of the paper reel to be fed on the machine can be calculated as under.

flat bags twice the bag width plus 2 cm for center seam.

satchel bags twice the bag width plus 4 times depth of gusset plus 2 cm for center seam.

bag formation : the required size of bag is obtained by fixing the exact size plate. for flat or satchel to the size plate holder and the length of the tube is obtained by changing the size gear wheel, each tooth of which, represents one centimeter in length, the tubing after being cut by the beater into exact size as per the size gear is carried forward by means of conveyor rollers to the delivery cylinder. the delivery cylinder also the bottom folding and pasting cylinder as the bottom fold is made is the bag it is pasted and the bag is carried by the folding cylinder to the delivery table where it is released and delivered in a vertical stack.

printing attachment : our two or three or four colour flexo printer can be coupled with the paper bag making machine

Paper Bags
Sample of Paper Bag
Technical Specifications :
Model large


max. size of bag 42cm x 60 cm 15cm x 22 cm
min.size of bag 12cm x 18 cm 5 cm x 10 cm
capacity per 8hr. 50-60,000 bags 80-90,000 bags
flexo printing 1,2 & 3,4 colours

1 ,2 & 3. 4 colours

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